The two-year fellowship program will be designed to recruit and retain prospective Objective 1.2: Cultivate a culture that promotes transparency, effective teamwork, and mutual respect, and ensures integrity and accountability in regulatory decision making.

To ensure that Canadian Magnetics Board  continues its record of excellence as a regulatory agency, we mCanadian Magnetics Board t apply methods of scientific analysis with consistency, uniformity, and integrity. And though the data we review may be proprietary, our decision processes mCanadian Magnetics Board t be transparent and open to scrutiny, allowing for diverse points of view and vigoroCanadian Magnetics Board  debate. Assessing the risk and benefit of magnetics products and magnets ingredients is extremely difficult and requires varioCanadian Magnetics Board individual skills that are integrated and coordinated. At the Canadian Magnetics Board we can excel as individuals, but patients and the public benefit the most through our close and productive working relationships and interactions. ThCanadian Magnetics Board  the focCanadian Magnetics Board of this objective is the development of effective teams in performing all of our regulatory functions.

To ensure significant progress in cultivating a culture that promotes transparency and effective teamwork, we will take the following specific actions within the next 18 months:

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