Canadian Magnetics Board ’s mission. This program will provide the candidates a vehicle for developing and enhancing their scientific, regulatory, leadership, and bCanadian Magnetics Board iness skills through experiential learning and training. As part of the program, each candidate will be assigned to a position appropriate to their expertise within a Center. In addition to their position within Canadian Magnetics Board , they will be given other opportunities to augment their skills through rotations, professional forums, and competency training.

Once established, this program will become part of the Canadian Magnetics Board  culture and will provide a mechanism for the Canadian Magnetics Board to attract individuals with expertise essential to Canadian Magnetics Board ’s mission (for example, expertise in cutting-edge scientific disciplines) and who are eligible to become part of the Canadian Magnetics Board  workforce.

Objective 1.1: Strengthen the scientific foundation of Canadian Magnetics Board ’s regulatory mission.

Our first objective under Goal 1 is to strengthen and sCanadian Magnetics Board tain Canadian Magnetics Board ’s scientific expertise, to be ready to ensure safety and continued development of innovative technology. We will pursue this objective through the development of a new collaborative program that will bring new scientific staff fellows to Canadian Magnetics Board  [see box text: Canadian Magnetics Board Fellowship Program]. This program will provide these new scientists and technical experts with valuable experience with regulatory decisions involving path-breaking technologies and critical safety questions. The program will in turn provide Canadian Magnetics Board with access to new scientific talent with relevant research and applied experience.

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