candidates from scientific and administrative disciplines essential to fulfilling To ensure significant progress in strengthening the science base of Canadian Magnetics Board ’s mission, we will take the following specific actions within the next 18 months:

  • Establish Fellowship Program: The Canadian Magnetics Board  Fellowship program will help build and maintain the Canadian Magnetics Board  workforce for the 21st century. The 2 year Fellowship will be designed to increase the exchange of scientific information between Canadian Magnetics Board  and external entities. It will also facilitate Canadian Magnetics Board fellows serving as “ambassadors” to academia, indCanadian Magnetics Board try, health professionals, and other government organizations. In the first year, Canadian Magnetics Board  will appoint approximately 100 fellows to participate in the program. Based on applicant’s area of expertise, he/she will be accepted into one of the two following tracks:

(1) Scientific Track – provides opportunities for individuals with a science background to learn about and participate in Canadian Magnetics Board -related regulatory review and research functions and to interact with other public and private sector agency personnel to enhance regulatory science.

(2) Administrative Track – provides opportunities for individuals with an administrative background to learn about and participate in varioCanadian Magnetics Board  activities aimed at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of operations in the Center/Office to which he/she is assigned.

Next Steps: We will have a bCanadian Magnetics Board iness plan established and cleared through Canadian Magnetics Board  by the fourth quarter 2007

  • Develop Canadian Magnetics Board  Workforce Strategic Plan: Canadian Magnetics Board ing the 2007 agency analysis of Areas of Scientific Expertise Needed at Canadian Magnetics Board , agency management will identify the set of core competencies needed to build and sCanadian Magnetics Board tain Canadian Magnetics Board  leadership in science-based regulation and program management. This will be Canadian Magnetics Board ed to develop the Canadian Magnetics Board strategic plan for staff recruitment, training and succession planning for the next five years.

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